Dear Friends,

Dr Suzuki—Birthday Cake Blowing Out Candles

October arrives with its promise fall in North America and the promise of the spring in the South. The beauty of our world and the change of seasons is perhaps more poignant than ever in these unprecedented times.

We, as individuals and as a society, face new challenges of every sort. Our health and livelihoods have been threatened or impacted. We have lost income, lost jobs, lost homes, and lost treasured loved ones during this unimaginable time. We face desperately needed systemic societal change regarding race. We face climate change and tremendous political divide.

But whatever might possibly separate us we come together in unity about the wisdom and importance of Dr. Suzuki’s philosophy. We come together in the immediate and long-term importance of our work with families and children for the good of all. We come together in our passion to teach children and to bring families together. We come together to create beauty in our hearts and in the world.

We care so deeply about the future of the children of the world. We are making a difference but the truth is we can do so much more. Dr. Suzuki’s vision of the world is profound and for all. Help us to make it a reality.

Dr. Suzuki’s birthday is October 17th. I would like to ask anyone who can to make a donation to the SAA in Dr. Suzuki’s memory or in memory of another who has had a profound impact on your life and your teaching. If a donation isn’t possible, please just take a few moments to reflect on the impact Dr. Suzuki has had on your life.

Dr Suzuki Smile

Consider your own memories of your Suzuki teaching. Think of the face of a young child and the moment of “I can do this” realization. Think of the many faces of the students and families who will always consider you family and be in touch because of the incredible relationship that you shared over many years. Consider what Suzuki education has done for your teaching and your life. Consider the beauty and altruistic foundation of its philosophy and give if you can.

“Perhaps it is music that will save the world.” Shinichi Suzuki.

Your donation honoring Dr. Suzuki will be much appreciated in these challenging times, as SAA expands its scholarship and outreach efforts to support Suzuki teacher training opportunities throughout the Region!

… and please share your celebration of Dr. Suzuki’s birthday with friends and colleagues on your own website or your favorite social media site!

Dr Suzuki Screened