2009 virtual Leadership Retreat

Registration for the VLR is now open. The participation fee is $45, but only $35, if you…

  • Sign up by March 25
  • Attach your digital photo (if it’s not already on the SAA website), and
  • Answer a couple of questions for our virtual get-acquainted game.

The Retreat activities will begin on April 4, with videos, live presentations, and chats. Most activities will conclude on April 30.

Topics relate to Leadership—all Suzuki teachers are leaders in their school, program, community, and beyond. The VLR will provide something for all Suzuki teachers, administrators, and others who are active in the Suzuki community.

You won’t want to miss the VLR if…

  • You think it might be fun to learn more about some of your Suzuki colleagues
  • You need advice for planning an Institute, workshop, or graduation event
  • Your chapter needs new ideas
  • You’d like to share with others ways to avoid difficult situations in the studio
  • You’d like some new inspiration and encouragement in working with colleagues or parents
  • You’d like to discuss issues and problems with informed colleagues
  • You’d like to know more about summer institutes for 2009
  • You like to discuss books and articles on topics pertinent to the Suzuki profession

Of course you’ll want to participate if…

  • You’d like to know why some of your friends keep attending the Leadership Retreat year after year
  • You’re wondering what’s going on in the SAA these days:
    • What’s up with newer Suzuki instruments and areas of study?
    • Should I consider Board service or applying for Teacher Trainer status?
    • How can I be more informed and involved?
  • You’re curious what new SAA opportunities are just around the corner:
    • 2010 Conference—share your ideas and hear some of what the team is planning
    • New registration process and certificate program
    • New! Suzuki Principles in Action (SPA) – get a preview of what’s it’s all about
    • Parent Education Course – get a preview of what’s to come in the new course
    • A special outreach challenge from the SAA Board

And much more!

Are you hoping for a bit of camaraderie during the VLR? Plan a get-together with friends and colleagues in your area. How about Saturday evening, April 4, 6:30 Eastern (5:30 Central, 4:30 Mountain, 3:30 Pacific) for the SAA’s Annual Meeting? The meeting will be broadcast live from the SAA Office in Boulder, Colorado. The Board will be here to provide a bit of information and fun, answer a few questions via live chat, email, or call-in. You won’t need to be registered for the VLR to participate, but if you are registered, your name may be drawn to win a gift certificate from one of our sponsors, Shar Products!

A full schedule of events will be available in mid-March. Watch the website for updates!

Register now!