At the SAA’s April 4 Annual Meeting, a brand new Teacher Development video was unveiled. We are proud to present this new short film, “The Promise…The Challenge: A Suzuki Teacher’s Pledge.” It gets to the heart of Dr. Suzuki’s vision for excellence in education for every child. Its message helps us understand the essential importance of ongoing Teacher Development and life-long learning.

“The Promise…The Challenge” features interviews with Charles Krigbaum, Rachel Fabulich, Beth Cantrell, Sarah Bylander Montzka, Elizabeth Stuen-Walker, Gilda Barston, Pat D’Ercole, Yvonne Davila, Robbin Gordon-Cartier, Sheryl Shohet, and Stephanie Price. It was premiered at the end of the 2009 Annual Meeting on Saturday, April 4.

Just a few of the many comments about the video from VLR participants:

“Let us all take its powerful message to heart, in order to continue Dr. Suzuki’s belief in life long learning.”
—Christie Felsing

“I think the video was wonderfully done. Let’s institute this pledge at the end of each teacher training session as we end our lessons with a bow. It is a true statement to our purpose as Suzuki trained teachers.”
—Susanne Garber

“It is directly related to one of my most dearly held principles of continuing education for everyone…. This helps me continue with great energy and maintain high levels of motivation in my studio and among colleagues. I really enjoy my training classes and always learn so much.”
—Meg Lanfear

“I see in this video “The Promise…The Challenge: A Suzuki Teacher’s Pledge”. It is not only passing on the love of learning to students and their parents, but this video focuses on how the teachers are needed, nurtured and valued as well. Thank you for that gift. I feel a warm hug from this video.”
—Suzanne Edwards

“This is such an inspiring movie (and so artistically done). It really captures the purpose behind our teaching and our lifelong commitment to learning. It makes me thrilled to be a part of such an organization with such a mission and purpose, and with such support and community in our quest.”
—Laurie Illions Rodriguez