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Suzuki Teachers! SAA is sponsoring a limited number of 5-hour online seminars for SAA Member Teachers—Suzuki Online Seminars (SOS)!

These seminars are a interactive online experience for the months of June through August. With few institutes taking place and regular unit training on hold, this is an opportunity to boost your teaching skills!

These seminars will provide you with an interactive experience and opportunities to:

  • hone your teaching skills while unit training is not available
  • study in more depth a particular focus or a specific feature of a Unit you have previously studied
  • develop new ideas together and share concerns in a small group of colleagues
  • enhance your understanding of how to implement the Suzuki approach
  • refresh or renew teaching ideas and enthusiasm after months of online teaching

Prerequisites are Every Child Can!, FIlosofia or 1A/1B plus Unit One. (No auditors)

Maximum enrollment for all seminars is 6 participants. (First-come, first-served). Course fee is $105 US per participant. (Latin American participants, please contact course facilitator for fees and details.)

Registration opens on Wednesday, May 13!

Don’t miss out!

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