Concert at North Carolina Suzuki Insitute

NCSA Teacher Luncheon with Joanne Bath

NCSA State-wide Teacher Luncheon with Joanne Bath

The North Carolina Suzuki Association is excited about all we have planned for the upcoming year! During this past year, we had a state-wide teacher luncheon, where teachers from all over were able to meet and share ideas. This year also included several workshops and the North Carolina Suzuki Institute. For this upcoming year, we are planning a state-wide play-in this fall! Although we are a large state, we hope this will be an opportunity for students from all over North Carolina to come together for learning, music making and fun. Hopefully there will also be more workshops, and trainings for various instruments. We will also be honoring Joanne and Charles Bath on November 5 for bring the Suzuki Approach to North Carolina 50 years ago!