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Suzuki Teachers Orchestra AMMS 2021
The Mexican Association enthusiastically brings information about the first performance of the Suzuki Teachers’ Orchestra AMMS. The orchestra’s members are exclusively teachers who belong to Academies recognized by the Association. The project arose from the initiative of one of the coordinating teachers of the pedagogical violin committee (and also director of a Suzuki School in Veracruz), with a collaborative effort by the Suzuki Córdoba group.

We invite everyone to watch “Huapango de Moncayo” on our Facebook page: https://pt-br.facebook.com/suzukimexico/videos/orquesta-de-maestros-suzuki-amms/933769527197570/

Thanks to @Suzuki de Córdoba for the coordination, arrangements and editing.

Weekly Lives on the AMMS Facebook page:

AMMS is organizing weekly events on its Facebook page.
On Tuesdays: conversations with the president and guests;
On Wednesdays: round tables with the recognized academies;
On Thursdays: Singing with Tato;
On Saturdays: conversations about the Suzuki Triangle.