Greetings from Alfred Music.

There continue to be additional ways for you and your students to access the Suzuki Method Books!

As you know the revised edition of Violin Volume 8 has been released and is in the stores. The new edition is also available digitally at the links listed above. Many thanks to the committee for their dedication and diligent work.

There are now book/CD kits for most of the method books. These would be available from your local or online retailer.

In addition to the book with audio versions, book-only versions of all the Suzuki method books are now also live on iBooks. You can see all 254(!!!!) Suzuki Method eBooks live on iBooks here:

In addition all Suzuki method book recordings are available for download on iTunes and Amazon.



Supplemental Releases

Doris Preucil released a lovely collection called Meditative Moments. It includes fourteen beautiful and melodic pieces for solo violin and piano that inspire peaceful meditation and are perfect for many occasions, that is a must-have for every professional violinist. Selected for solemn and thoughtful times such as religious ceremonies, funerals, and weddings, the pieces range from Bach, Handel, and Tartini, to Mozart, Mendelssohn, Franck, Grieg, and Fauré, as well as “Amazing Grace.” Though perfect for professionals—especially for those last-minute calls—each piece has been carefully arranged so that intermediate-level players will find them very accessible.

Winifred Crock, Bill Dick, and Laurie Scott have collaborated on Volume 2 of their successful collection of sequential unison repertoire, Learning Together. Learning Together Volume 2 is expected in stores by January of 2017. It is intended for use in string ensembles, group classes, and private lesson settings. Skills such as slurs, harmonics, shifting, and different finger patterns are integrated into the repertoire sequence in Volume 2.

Carey Cheney has released Solos for Young Cellists, Volumes 7 and 8. These two volumes complete the series and provide the print music for the CDs that have been available. Repertoire includes “Andante” by C.P.E. Bach, “Vocalise” by Persichetti, “Sonata in E Major” attributed to Francoeur, “Waldsrühe” by Dvorak, “The Bee” by Schubert, “Tzig! Tzig!” by Squire, and “Capriccio” by Foss. Alfred is pleased to distribute the books, which means they are available through your retailer.

An updated Suzuki catalog is available at