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With the start of the new SAA Executive Director Angelica Cortez on January 31, we’re excited to also announce the new SAA Communications Team!

Certainty and fairness are the leading values of the team which consists of the Executive Director, the board, the office staff, and other professionals such as the SAA’s legal council.

You can look forward to…

  • Video messages from the Executive Director to members
  • Regular open sessions between the Executive Director and members
  • An upcoming “Transition” themed edition of the American Suzuki Journal
  • Clarity about where members and non-members can look for information
  • More prompt responses to questions and concerns on the SAA Facebook page

We’re currently building the content and back-end systems for these developments and are excited to share them with you as they are ready.

Coming next: further introducing Angelica Cortez!

SAA Communications Team