When someone asks me what is in my instrument case, they would think I would say my violin, but I answer, something I love to do.

When I open my case, my face turns bright and goes into a big happy smile. No one can guess how happy I am when I see my violin. In my case is joy and happiness. My violin and bow are my friends, something I see every day and will see and remember forever. When I think about my case I can’t wait to see it. In my case is passion. I love it when I take out my violin and play the way I love to play. It’s like a kid in a candy store having fun and can’t control everything in their body because they are so happy to see what they love. In my case isn’t just some normal wooden violin and bow—it’s something magical and fun and the thing I love most in the world. My violin means everything to me. And when someone asks me what is in my violin case I say something I really love to do. In my case to someone else is just a normal violin, but to me, it’s everything.