Dear Suzuki members and friends,

We hope that you and your loved ones are well in these challenging times. Our lives have been upended, but this new reality has been a catalyst for us to learn new ways of working and interacting with each other.

The Board, the SAA staff and committees have been continuing work to support the membership. We have been meeting virtually to monitor appropriate organizational performance and integrity, and to envision the future of Suzuki education in the Americas. Please know that we are considering the long-term effects of the current pandemic in our discussions and will continue to do so as we navigate this situation. We appreciate your patience for a few more days—news and information about Teacher Development activities will be coming soon.

Through difficult times, may we follow Dr. Suzuki’s example of living with a kind heart and unshakeable belief in a brighter future.

May we continue to walk forward, together.

—SAA Board, April 23, 2020