Today we’re sharing ideas generated during a breakout session hosted by the Teacher Development Advisory Committee at the 2013 SAA Leadership Retreat. Let us know in the comments: What are some other ways we can lead in our Suzuki communities by empowering others?

Suzuki cello teachers at the 2012 Conference

Suzuki cello teachers at the 2012 Conference.

Image by Kathleen McHugh

  • Mentor new and aspiring teachers.
  • Spread the essence of Suzuki philosophy and reach out to communities where the need is great.
  • Provide a model for parents on how to be with/work with their child.
  • Be enthralled with the special moments.
  • Communicate with and remain involved with other teachers.
  • Communicate with school administrators.
  • Nurture one another and the children through team teaching.
  • Form a Chapter Affiliate if your area doesn’t have one.
  • As a member of an existing Chapter Affiliate, encourage members to spread the word about Suzuki education in your area.
  • Master teachers can give demonstrations in public venues, such as libraries, etc.
  • Work toward your Certificate of Achievement.
  • Encourage and educate musicians and the public at large about Suzuki.
  • Get pictures in the newspaper, talk it up, publicize.
  • Empower people by stepping out and inviting people to step in! Give positive support.
  • Subscribe to Parents as Partners Online for your studio parents. Encourage their participation.
  • Ask parents to help with projects.
  • Envision parents/younger teachers as accomplished learners.
  • Encourage parent sessions, both with and without teachers.
  • Encourage local universities to sponsor Every Child Can! and more teacher training programs.
  • Visit university music departments and make presentations about Suzuki education. Encourage students to consider careers as Suzuki instructors.
  • Participate in music career seminars for high school and college students to encourage potential teachers.
  • Mentor university students studying music education.
  • Encourage children to communicate with other children about their Suzuki experience.

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