Katrina relief postcard

SAA teachers and families can be proud of the difference they are making in the lives of Gulf Coast Suzuki teachers, students and families who were victims of Katrina. A total of $31,349 was collected and distributed to Suzuki programs in the Gulf Coast area. Recipients of scholarship support were the New Orleans Suzuki Forum and its summer institute, the Centenary College Suzuki Program and the New Orleans Youth Symphony. Two harps and two guitars were purchased for use by area students who are studying under the direction of the New Orleans Suzuki Forum. Over 600 individual donors and several dozen schools and programs took part in the SAA Katrina Fund effort. In addition many other Suzuki teachers and families generously shared items they no longer needed; numerous instruments, music and other items were sent directly to programs in New Orleans. Please see our “scrapbook” on p.55-57 of ASJ 34.4 for a glimpse of the outpouring of appreciation that has been received.

The following is a partial list of local Suzuki groups that created fundraising events for Hurricane victims in the Suzuki community and others:

  • Sun Foundation Suzuki School of Music in Peoria, IL: Play-in
  • Suzuki School of Franklin in Nashville, TN: extended invitation for free group classes and concert dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina
  • Suzuki Association of Washington State (SAWS): collected Suzuki materials for teachers and students
  • Washington State Suzuki Festival: Concert
  • Carol Cross’ piano studio in Ellensburg, WA: extended invitation to adopt a piano teacher for a year
  • Suzuki students in Durham, NC: collected “Pennies for Practice”
  • Ed Kreitman’s studio and Chicago Area Suzuki Association: organized the “Children to Children Gulf Relief Practice-A-Thon”
  • Maine Suzuki Association: fundraising event
  • Suzuki Music School of Lincoln Park, IL: fundraising event
  • Williamsport, PA Suzuki violinists: planning fundraising event
  • Cincinnati Public School Suzuki Program: extended invitation to help New Orleans Public School Suzuki Program
  • Heart of America Suzuki Teachers Association: Celebration Concert in Kansas City
  • Centenary Suzuki School in Shreveport, LA: extended invitation for free group classes
  • Oregon Suzuki Association: Concert
  • Community School of the Arts in Wheaton, IL: Music-A-Thon
  • Bermuda School of Music: extended invitation to support a Suzuki family affected by the Hurricane
  • Gateway area musicians performed works of Bach in Edwardsville, IL
  • Perpetual Motion Suzuki Strings in Silver Spring, MD: Benefit Concert
  • Denison University Suzuki Program in Ohio: collected “pennies for practice” and Suzuki materials to aid hurricane victims.
  • Spring Violin Studio in Denver, CO: Benefit Concert honoring Dr. Suzuki’s 107th birthday and kicked off a month long Practice-A-Thon
  • Suzuki Community in Hartford, CT: Benefit Concert honoring Dr. Suzuki’s birthday (over 300 violin, viola, cello, bass, piano, organ and guitar students participated)
  • The Preucil School of Music in Iowa City, IA: collected Suzuki and music materials for teachers and students
  • Louisville Suzuki String Association in KY: fundraiser at Fall Workshop
  • Suzuki Piano School of Knoxville, KY: fundraiser at Fall Workshop
  • Linda Gutterman Piano Studio in VA: Practice-A-Thon
  • Poughkeepsie Suzuki community: Practice-A-Thon with Benefit Concert

News from New Orleans

The SAA has been in contact with some Suzuki teachers from the New Orleans area who have lost their studios and are trying to rebuild. Some are struggling to make ends meet. Many have relocated to temporary locations with family or friends. We spoke with Kathleen Tyree, Director of the Greater New Orleans Suzuki Forum and Suzuki Summer Camp. This is what she said:

Many Suzuki families and Suzuki teachers in the greater New Orleans community are without liveable homes after Hurricane Katrina. They have scattered east, west, north, and south and are in new Suzuki circles in other states as students and as teachers. Most want to return whenever conditions have improved. Meanwhile, I am happy to report, they are continuing to play or teach their instruments in these other places.

We deeply appreciate the outpouring of concern from around the country and the promised intent of some to send Suzuki books, CDs and even a violin to the greater New Orleans Suzuki families. We will give these out to the Suzuki children in our area. who need them. We would also like to show our gratitude, by offering a scholarship to our 2006 Suzuki Summer Music Camp to one member of each Suzuki group who participates in these Operation Katrina Fundraisers. Perhaps some would like to meet us personally, as we would them. Our dates still in place for our Summer Institute are July 10-15, 2006.