American Suzuki Journal 50.4

Published August 2022

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American Suzuki Journal 50.4

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Chairs Column

Chair’s Column

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Mirroring the Balance of Nature

Mirroring the Balance of Nature

By Joseph Kaminsky My wife and I love our home in the Midwest. Our backyard overlooks a small pond with a beautiful cypress tree towering over it. I face the window when I teach sporadic Zoom lessons, looking out at the… Read more ▶

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How Suzuki Moved Music Education Reflections from SAA Trailblazers

How Suzuki Moved Music Education: Reflections from SAA Trailblazers

We asked some Suzuki trailblazers to reflect on what impact the method had on music education in the last 50 years and how the method has developed. We are grateful for the role so many community members had in making… Read more ▶

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Reflections on the Past Thirty Years

Reflections on the Past Thirty Years

It is an honor to be included in the ASJ’s 50-year celebration issue. I am extremely proud of the SAA’s accomplishments over the years and greatly appreciate the work of our volunteer leadership in bringing the organization to this 50-year… Read more ▶

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Stories, Poems & Tributes

In Memoriam Judy Sheard 19462022

In Memoriam: Judy Sheard (1946-2022)

Judy passed away suddenly after suffering a stroke on January 23, 2022. Her life journey had many facets, all tremendously service-oriented through her mentoring and teaching. She was dedicated to guiding children, teenagers, and adults toward quality learning and enriched… Read more ▶

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In Memoriam Susan Shields 19442022

In Memoriam: Susan Shields (1944-2022)

Susan Shields died on January 22, 2022, after a brief illness. I was in Matsumoto studying with Dr. Suzuki in 1966, when one day after his weekly group lesson, he told me that we would be having our first Teacher Trainee… Read more ▶

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