American Suzuki Journal 50.3

Published May 2022

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American Suzuki Journal 50.3

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Life Transitions Offer Wisdom for Organizational Transition

Life Transitions Offer Wisdom for Organizational Transition

It has been said that every person’s life is worth a novel. One of the differences between real life and a novel is that the novel is written down—completed—with all of its chances and changes resolved. In real life, change… Read more ▶

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Chairs Column

Chair’s Column

We are constantly experiencing change in our lives, as well as in the communities and organizations we are a part of. As human beings, we react to change in a variety of ways. Sometimes we feel butterflies of anticipation and… Read more ▶

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Finding Order Out of Disorder Through Innovation

Finding Order Out of Disorder Through Innovation

I’m always fascinated when I read news articles about new findings or radio wave pulses emanating from outside our galaxy. A recent article in MIT Technological Review describes “a recently discovered fast radio burst turns out to be pulsing on… Read more ▶

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Teaching & Learning

Memory and Music Part Two Applying research on memory in the music studio

This article is part two in a series about memory and music. “We learn it to forget it” is a common mantra among music educators about music performance. Some people believe that performance is about letting what you’ve already learned take… Read more ▶

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Using History to Teach Stylistic Playing

Using History to Teach Stylistic Playing

Great music is more than a combination of beautiful tone and good technique. It is also stylistically accurate. I help my students develop stylistic playing through the study of music history. Music of each of the eras of Western Art… Read more ▶

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Seeking Excellence in RightHand Finger Alternation for Young Guitarists Still Trying To Tame Our Dragons

Seeking Excellence in Right-Hand Finger Alternation for Young Guitarists: Still Trying To Tame Our ‘Dragons’

Over the years of adapting the Suzuki Method for the guitar, right-hand finger alternation has emerged as a fundamental issue for us—as fundamental as the movement of the bow was when Dr. Suzuki developed his Violin Book One. A “dragon”… Read more ▶

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Organizational Transitions in a QuickFix World

Organizational Transitions in a Quick-Fix World

“What in the world is transition and what does it have to do with our work?” The question came at the end of a non-profit membership meeting for a group I consulted that was beginning a search for a new… Read more ▶

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Transition and the Transfer Student

Transition and the Transfer Student

The most difficult aspect of a transition is that we cannot see what the next beginning is when we are going through it. Let me take a step back, though, and suggest that a transition begins with a change—an ending.… Read more ▶

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The Psychology of Transitions

The Psychology of Transitions

Transition is the cognitive process of dealing with changes happening outside of ourselves. It is the ability to let go of how things were and accept how things will be going forward. As William and Susan Bridges, authors of Transitions:… Read more ▶

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Book Review

Book Review Managing Transitions Making the Most of Change by William Bridges

Book Review: Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change by William Bridges

Our Suzuki work is based on a very obvious fact that people tend to take for granted: children learn the languages that surround them. There’s another very obvious fact that people often take for granted: it’s that human beings have… Read more ▶

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Book Review More Than Music Lessons A Studio Teachers Guide to Parents Practicing Projects and Character by Merlin B Thompson

Book Review: More Than Music Lessons: A Studio Teacher’s Guide to Parents, Practicing, Projects, and Character by Merlin B. Thompson

Teaching skills to children and teens inarguably requires a sequential, leveled curriculum to be conveyed through both explanations and demonstrations. In the music studio, the teacher is the expert! But in More Than Music Lessons: A Studio Teacher’s Guide to… Read more ▶

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Stories, Poems & Tributes

In Memoriam Lorraine Fink 19312022

In Memoriam: Lorraine Fink (1931-2022)

Renowned SAA Suzuki pedagogue Lorraine Fink passed away on Jan. 27, 2022, after a brief illness. She was one of the first Suzuki violin teachers in the United States. A dedicated Suzuki teacher and trainer, Lorraine began her journey with… Read more ▶

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