American Suzuki Journal 49.3

Published May 2021

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American Suzuki Journal 49.3

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Suzuki Communitys Beautiful Hearts Shine Through in Hard Times

Suzuki Community’s Beautiful Hearts Shine Through in Hard Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused hardship for so many families since it began ravaging the world last winter. Priorities naturally shifted for many teachers, families, and Suzuki alumni. For some, music became more of a respite than ever before, bringing… Read more ▶

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Meet the Board of Directors An Interview with Daniel de Lima

Meet the Board of Directors: An Interview with Daniel de Lima

The Suzuki Association of Americas is proud to welcome Daniel de Lima to the Board of Directors. Daniel’s term on the board began November 18. In addition to his responsibilities as a Board member, Daniel teaches guitar lessons and produces… Read more ▶

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In Memoriam William Joseph Starr 19232020

In Memoriam: William Joseph Starr 1923-2020

William J. Starr, violinist, educator, and author, died peacefully at his home in Boulder, Colorado on December 26, 2020, at the age of 97.  Born in Concordia, Kansas, on May 23, 1923, to Dr. Ellis and Kathryn Kelly Starr, Bill was… Read more ▶

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Growing Up with the Suzuki Movement

Growing Up with the Suzuki Movement

As the years pass, I grow more appreciative of the privilege of being a member of the Starr family. My parents, Bill and Connie Starr, were always searching for more effective ways to learn, teach, and parent. Accomplished performers, writers,… Read more ▶

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My 45 Years with William Starr

My 45 Years with William Starr

I can hear Mr. Starr’s voice in my head and hear him clearing his throat. I see his shining eyes and smile that brightens and lights up his entire face. It is the voice of the younger Mr. Starr who… Read more ▶

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Chairs Column Suzuki Principles in Action

“Everything changed the day I decided you are my lesson and not my enemy.” -Denzel Washington I heard this quote during “A Long Talk About the Uncomfortable Truth,” an Anti-Racism Seminar recently presented through the combined support of Atlanta Suzuki Institute,… Read more ▶

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Keeping Students Playing Healthy   with Routine Maintenance Practice

Keeping Students’ Playing Healthy with Routine Maintenance Practice

When we make an appointment with our primary care doctor, dentist, or even our mechanic, the conversation often follows this formula: First, the provider will work through our immediate needs — whether that’s joint pain, a cavity, or an oil change.… Read more ▶

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Teaching & Learning

Music and the Brain Part One   Einstein Cookies and the Violin

Music and the Brain Part One: Einstein, Cookies, and the Violin

This article is part one of a trio of articles about music and the brain.  The name Albert Einstein is so well known it needs no footnote. Many know Einstein was a theoretical physicist, known for his E = mc2 equation and theory… Read more ▶

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The Value of Online Competitions   in the COVID19 Era

The Value of Online Competitions in the COVID-19 Era

At the start of the pandemic, competitions had all but disappeared, deserting many students on their journeys to success. But as we got more adept at taking our world online, slowly, institutions found a way to keep competitions alive. I… Read more ▶

ASJ 49.3, page 41

The Evolution of the Suzuki Triangle

The Evolution of the Suzuki Triangle

When Dr. Suzuki developed his method, he envisioned the relationship between teacher, parent, and child as a connected, interactive experience. Suzuki teachers have long used a triangle to represent this wonderful learning relationship. While this image is useful when representing… Read more ▶

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Creating a Digital Suzuki Escape Room

Creating a Digital Suzuki Escape Room

In this age of virtual learning, we Suzuki teachers are always looking for new ways to keep our students engaged in group lessons—bonus points if they’re fun, too. One new format that has been particularly successful for focus and fun… Read more ▶

ASJ 49.3, page 44

The Violin and 50 Laps

The Violin and 50 Laps

The pool in Kapala, a beach community south of Lima, Peru, was unheated. We’d just been through nine months of COVID-19 with only homemade meals and stockpiling toilet paper. It was the end of December, and before entering the water,… Read more ▶

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Tocar y Luchar The Power of Community and Student  Empowerment in Sistema Utah

Tocar y Luchar: The Power of Community and Student Empowerment in Sistema Utah

Welcome to West Valley City, Utah, located about 11 miles outside of downtown Salt Lake City. Nestled in the heart of West Valley, you will find Sistema Utah, where students love to learn music and are inspired to follow their… Read more ▶

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You Play What You Are

You Play What You Are

“Tone, tone, tone.” We hear this word all the time in the Suzuki world. Tone is a personal sound that resonates individually with each of us. From my youth, I had always equated tone with talent, full of overtones, depth,… Read more ▶

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Chapter Affiliate Spotlight The Suzuki Association of Washington State

Chapter Affiliate Spotlight: The Suzuki Association of Washington State

Suzuki Association chapter affiliates take the SAA’s regional messages home with them, bringing our philosophy and goals to their local community of teachers, students, and parents. In this series, we highlight the work of chapter affiliate leaders. Sharon Wherland is entering… Read more ▶

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Latin America

Learning through Love An Interview with Maylin Pr Kong

Learning through Love: An Interview with Maylin Pré Kong

Maylin Pré Kong, a Suzuki student from the Andean mountains in Peru, is finishing up her last semester at Universidad Panamericana in México City (Pan American University in Mexico). Finding opportunities to learn an instrument was challenging for Maylin and her… Read more ▶

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News From Here & There

Forging  Our  Connections  Coast  to  Coast

The move to online teaching in Canada has also created a surge in communication among teachers. Two years ago, we started a newsletter for Canadian teachers, soliciting articles of interest and receiving assistance from the Suzuki Association of the Americas… Read more ▶

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Forger nos liens dun ocan  lautre

Forger nos liens d’un océan à l’autre

Au Canada, le passage à l’enseignement en virtuel a également créé une vague de communication entre les professeurs. Il y a deux ans, nous avons lancé une infolettre spéciale pour les professeurs canadiens, en sollicitant des articles d’intérêt et en recevant… Read more ▶

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