American Suzuki Journal 40.2

Published March 2012

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American Suzuki Journal 40.2


The Remarkable Story of Emily Her Cochlear Implant and How the Suzuki Method Made a Difference in Her Life

At four months, her parents they noticed that Emily wasn’t cooing, babbling or responding like other babies. They had her hearing checked, and the diagnosis was profound deafness. Emily’s cochlea was non-functional, preventing any sound from being transmitted from her ears to her brain. Read more ▶

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ASJ 40.2, page 27

UnfrettedUnfettered The Evolution of Andrew Bird

Chicago-based film score composer, multi-instrumentalist and lyricist Andrew Bird began his musical journey on a “box” violin at the age of four and spent his formative years as a Suzuki student. Read more ▶

ASJ 40.2, page 41


Be a SomebodyBring a New Buddy to the Conference

I’m not sure how it happened, but somehow, that cute little girl who began taking lessons with me at the age of three has become my friend and my colleague. Read more ▶

ASJ 40.2, page 14


Chairs Column Telling Our Story

Grace Notes Brief Tips for Suzuki Teachers

This column features a variety of brief tips for Suzuki teachers. Read more ▶

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ASJ 40.2, page 13

Teaching & Learning

Can Every Child Really  What Do Other Authorities Have to Say About Suzuki Concepts

Having only recently come into the Suzuki circle of teaching and learning, many of the tenets of the method are still somewhat new to me. Curious (and sometimes perhaps even a little skeptical) about various aspects of this approach, I… Read more ▶

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ASJ 40.2, page 30

Dazed and Confused Are All MotherTongues Created Equal

It’s a scream! It’s a whale! It’s a dessert topping!—No!—It’s the searing sound of rock guitarist Jimmy Page, using his legendary bowed guitar technique, in a solo during the Led Zeppelin blues anthem “Dazed and Confused.” Read more ▶

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ASJ 40.2, page 34

Important Ideas to Remember in Your Role as a Suzuki Parent

Dr. Suzuki always said “character first, ability second.” The Suzuki experience is about your child first, playing the instrument second. Watch how your child learns, nurturing your child’s spirit and building her self confidence, yet instilling a sense of achieving excellence… Read more ▶

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News From Here & There

From Bribery to Musical Achievement My Daughter and Her Violin Fifteen Years Later

I watched with my wife and three children from the pews of the old church in the small village of Dale, Indiana, a stately but modest wooden structure with a steeple, painted in white, on a quiet street, like a post card. My daughter, Arielle, eighteen years old, was readying herself for what would be her final recital as a member of “Strings,” the Suzuki organization of teachers, parents, and young students that is and has been the center of the violin universe in the area. Read more ▶

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ASJ 40.2, page 16

New International Edition of Suzuki Piano Volume Seven Motivates Cincinnati Teen

Austin Wade, age fifteen, a high school sophomore in Cincinnati, Ohio, presented a Suzuki Piano Graduation Recital from Book Seven on Friday, November 11, 2011. The uniqueness of his Book Seven graduation recital is that he chose to play all the repertoire from the Revised Edition of Suzuki Volume Seven and all the repertoire from the New International Edition of Suzuki Volume Seven. Read more ▶

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ASJ 40.2, page 18

Buffalo Suzuki Strings in Argentina A Musical Transformation

I could not see the wand or wizards who must have been hiding nearby, but the spell that was cast was unmistakable. Somewhere in Argentina—or perhaps before we even left Buffalo—we were bewitched. We were transformed from a group of talented, well-trained, and dedicated Suzuki students into an ensemble of passionate musicians. Read more ▶

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ASJ 40.2, page 19