American Suzuki Journal 39.3

Published May 2011

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American Suzuki Journal 39.3


A Joyful Journey Suzuki Association of Utahs Celebration VIII

The sheer scope of the Suzuki Association of Utah’s Celebration concerts is difficult to imagine—two thousand Suzuki students playing together in one venue. But then, one sees it: the LDS Conference Center stage overflows with student musicians. Read more ▶

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Montessori and Suzuki A Comparison

As a Suzuki teacher, I often hear of the similarities between the Suzuki Method and Montessori education. I wondered about it myself until September 2009, when I became an assistant teacher at the Marquette Montessori Academy. I experienced the method—specifically, the preschool level, where I teach—first-hand, and gained insight into these similarities in philosophy. Read more ▶

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SYOA Students Parents and Teacher Share Their Experiences

I attended as a first violinist in SYOA 2 this past year, the fourteenth biennial conference. SYOA was the best experience I have had throughout my musical education. Read more ▶

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Chairs Column

Listening to Doris Preucil’s violin group performing the Schubert Ave Maria at the 2011 National Conference of the American String Teachers Association in March gave me goose bumps. Read more ▶

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Meet Janos Starker SAA Honorary Board Member

The lights dimmed and a hush settled across the ballroom where 400 Suzuki teachers and families were waiting in eager anticipation for the evening event at the first SAA Conference to begin. Read more ▶

ASJ 39.3, page 20

Are We There Yet

Looking out the window at those cottony puffs floating by brings back many happy memories—those days of youth, when one actually had time to lie comfortably in the grass and gaze upward at the caravan of clouds traversing the sky, a springboard for the imagination. Read more ▶

ASJ 39.3, page 21

Using the Internet to Teach Suzuki Lessons

Recently, I was approached by a former Suzuki flute student, now an adult living in another state, about starting lessons again. She had not found a new teacher she was comfortable with, and I had been her teacher with a few interruptions over a period of fifteen years, so I told her I would give long-distance lessons a try. Read more ▶

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Teaching & Learning

Defining Progress

Recently, I was asked at a summer Suzuki institute to give a talk for parents on the topic of Defining Progress. I hadn’t recently given this topic much thought. When I realized that the lecture was scheduled for the very next day, I decided not to try to prepare anything formal, but to allow the topic to unfold with the help of the parents’ participation. Read more ▶

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The Building Blocks of Etude

I’m sure all Suzuki teachers have worked with students who, despite much listening and practice, still have difficulty playing through Etude without getting lost. As teachers, we need to have many ways of tackling the problem so that we can… Read more ▶

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From Traditional to Suzuki Bringing Up Mom and Dad

“She just won’t practice,” said the mom, looking helplessly at the five-year-old who sat in the middle of the floor drawing pictures in the air with her bow. “I keep telling her to practice, but all she does is play games with her violin or bow the whole time. Yesterday, she rosined every one of her fingers into a sticky mess instead of putting rosin on her bow!” Read more ▶

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Watch Your Bow

In the past few years, I have thought long and hard about watching the bow and why it makes such a difference in playing. Read more ▶

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The Fast Track to Success on your Suzuki Journey

I grew up as a traditional viola student and was very fortunate to have an excellent, world-class teacher from the time I was ten until I left for college at seventeen. Read more ▶

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Playing Well and Performing Well The Best Motivator

Suzuki students and parents are the most motivated when they play well. Read more ▶

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Being a Beginner Again

After years as string players, many of us tend to forget how hard it is to form a good bow hold or to hold our instruments properly. Read more ▶

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The Danger of Slow Practice

In the ‘30s, when I was a student at the conservatory, behaviorist psychology was already in vogue. An enterprising and daring music faculty member invited a colleague from the psychology department to give a lecture on learning theories and how to practice. Read more ▶

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Twinkle Goes to Charm School

It was perfectly clear to me that my dog was brilliant—I just needed some help making it as clear for everyone else. So I enrolled Twinkle and myself in basic obedience classes. Read more ▶

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My Biggest Fan

Inside a compartment of my violin case is an old piece of paper, yellowed at the edges and folded tight like an accordion. This is the list my dad used to keep tucked into his harmonica case and which he would bring out whenever I visited with my violin in tow. Read more ▶

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How I Spent My Most Recent Summer Vacation

In the summer of 2010, I acquired a new hobby: I became a rower. (Those of you who have seen me in the last ten months have heard me gush about this activity!) Read more ▶

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Latin America

Latin American Update News from Peru

The 26th International Suzuki Festival and 5th Latin American Suzuki Teachers’ Conference were held in Lima, Peru, in January 2011. Read more ▶

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News From Here & There

Parents as Partners Online 2011 Acknowledgments

Book Review

Book Review Frederico The Mouse Violinist by Mayra Calvani

With help from their mother, Jennifer Blankenship, Suzuki piano students and brothers Andrew and Benjamin Blankenship reviewed the newest release from children’s book author Mayra Calvani, *Frederico, the Mouse Violinist*, a charming and educational story about a mouse who lives in Antonio Stradivari’s workshop. Read more ▶

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Book Review Teaching With an Open Heart by Edward Kreitman

I never sit down with a book and read it cover to cover, but when I opened *Teaching with an Open Heart* to the first page, I could not put it down until I had finished the epilogue! Read more ▶

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Book Review Repertoire for Intermediate Pianists Vol A and B by Christopher Liccardo

Repertoire for Intermediate Pianists Volumes A and B, with CD recordings, selected and performed by Christopher Liccardo, with additional performances by Joseph Liccardo. Published by Liccardo Music, Piano teachers, both Suzuki and traditional in approach, will find an excellent… Read more ▶

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Stories, Poems & Tributes

Remembering Frank Longay

It is with difficulty and great sadness that the SAA Guitar Committee has attempted to put into words our sense of loss over the recent passing of Frank Longay. Read more ▶

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