American Suzuki Journal 39.2

Published March 2011

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American Suzuki Journal 39.2


Chopin Epilogue Revolution Displacement  Decline

Chopin, Epilogue: Revolution, Displacement & Decline


Chairs Column

Making Music Musical

Ever stop to think why two students who perform the exact same piece of music can each evoke totally different responses in the audience? Read more ▶

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My Favorite Things

So with no further ado, these are my top three favorite things for 2010. They range in price from free (with the use of a computer and an internet connection) to $500 or so. Read more ▶

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A Dose of Childhood Our Most Precious Resource

I feel I have become a better teacher lately by letting my students teach me. Read more ▶

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Teaching & Learning

The Use of Visual Communication and the Power of Choice in Teaching Young Children

Visual communication through pictures and the power of choice are two strategies that I learned outside of the musical world that combine into an effective teaching tool for use with my young Suzuki students. Read more ▶

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Size Matters

Choosing a violin size for our students is an extremely important task, yet many of us take it too lightly. To make matters worse, when we miss the mark, we usually choose a violin that is larger than necessary. Read more ▶

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Latin America

A Magical Musical Experience Suzuki Philosophy in Puebla Mexico

It has become the custom in Mexico that wherever a Suzuki philosophy course is taught, piano students travel to participate in demonstration lessons, sometimes within the same city and at other times to a different state. Etna Diemecke has brought… Read more ▶

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News From Here & There

SAA Galaxy of Stars

Suzuki Student Writing Contest

The SAA would like your students’ nonfiction and poetry submissions for upcoming publications! Winning selections may appear in the SAA Minijournal, on the SAA website, or in other SAA publications. Entries are due April 15, 2011. Submissions may address, but are… Read more ▶

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Building Community Through Performance

Parents of Suzuki students are familiar with the time frame for preparation that goes into a performance. It is the culmination of listening, private and group lessons, practicing, and more listening and practicing. Read more ▶

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An Exciting Extra Recollections on an International Suzuki Exchange

Why do we as Suzuki teachers plan those extra activities for our students? Activities that may range from holiday cookies after group lessons to a group outing to a concert of the local symphony. Occasionally the extra grows to be… Read more ▶

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Concerto Competition for Montral Suzuki Students

Book Review

Book Review Recollections of a Peripatetic Pedagogue by John Kendall

This much anticipated book is a candid and honest account of the life of John Kendall. It is written in simple language, almost understated, and photographs are informative and plentiful. Read more ▶

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Stories, Poems & Tributes

Cello Poems

Cello By Grace Robinson I will be a hundred cellos, all in one. I will play – I will sing, I’ll have fun. I’ll describe a murky rainforest, with the rhythm in my soul. I’ll be a thunderous storm, It’s my only goal. And when I’m done with my few… Read more ▶

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Suzuki Community Mourns the Loss of Leader and Mentor John Kendall

John D. Kendall August 30, 1917 – January 6, 2011 John Kendall, 93, a violin pedagogue widely known for his role in introducing the Suzuki method of music education in the United States, died at Arbor Hospice in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on… Read more ▶

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Frank Longay 19482011

In Memorial Merna M Thomas 1925  2010

Merna M. Thomas, a long-time Suzuki Teacher Trainer and pioneer of Suzuki piano education in northern California, passed away on Saturday, August 28, 2010. She was 85. Read more ▶

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