Translated by Caroline Fraser and Claudia Woll, Peru and Margarita Troetsch, Panama

Music Reading Worskshop in Santiago, Chile; January 3-6, 2005

By Blancamaria Montecinos, President, Suzuki Association of Chile

We invited Caroline Fraser to teach. We had been missing her, as we had not been able to offer courses since 2000. The workshop was a success for both teachers and students. The children had a great time. It was fun for them and so natural that they wanted to continue finding out what else they could read in such an easy way. It was very useful for us to see in practice how children can learn music reading through their senses, and it gave us ideas for games and other ways of approaching theory. Additionally, for teachers with no previous knowledge of the Suzuki method, it was a way of opening the door for them. They always ask, “And when do you teach reading?” Here it was clear to us that you can start at the first lesson. The interesting part is the “how.” Incorporating some of Caroline’s ideas, we are now motivated to study and research further other methodologies such as Kodaly and Dalcroze.

The workshop achieved two important objectives: to motivate the Suzuki teachers to continue their training and to attract new teachers, understanding that it is the Mother Tongue Approach, and that music reading can be taught in the same way as language literacy. Congratulations to Caroline who left us so motivated!

From Canada in the North to Patagonia in the South … they traveled to Peru

Edited by Roberta Centurion, International Representative, Suzuki Association of Peru

The Twentieth Suzuki International Festival and Latin American Teachers’ Conference created a miniature world of Suzuki for two weeks, and it was our privilege to be a part of it. To witness the joy of teachers coming together from across the continent to share their experiences and to gain strength and learn from each other would have made Dr. Suzuki very happy, indeed. Our thanks and congratulations go to the Suzuki Association of Peru for hosting this model event and for their tireless efforts in bringing it about with such excellence.—William and Doris Preucil

This year a record number of North Americans traveled to take teacher training courses in Peru. Robin Erickson, Palo Alto, California writes:

I had a wonderful experience at the 20th Festival in Peru on many counts. Pedagogically, I felt favored by the gift of Doris Preucil’s first-rate wealth of knowledge and experience, and gentle generosity—of time, energy, and most of all, interest. Musically, I enjoyed my first live Argentine Tango rehearsal, a fantastic presentation of Peruvian music, a back-yard all-night jam session/talent show and, of course, the forever heartwarming Suzuki play-ins and recitals.

Culturally, I got more than I ever would have expected. The Suzuki / Talent Education Method seemed to have a special life force in South America that had become lost to me here in the States. I found my colleagues’ deeply sincere enthusiasm for the method and their students, and their dedication to a path much less traveled very moving. Socially, I feel like I made a wealth of fast friends, in spite of the language barrier. I have always said that Music is a Language, but never before had the chance to use my violin to communicate and forge a sense of immediate community. I left feeling so inspired to become involved in the efforts of Marilyn, Caroline, Roberta, all the US/Canada Teacher Trainers, and all of the Latin American Suzuki teachers—who are reaching out to enlarge our community and strengthen Dr. Suzuki’s beautiful vision. I hope that many more North Americans, teachers and families alike, will be drawn to head south for an Institute experience of a lifetime!