“Music is the only source of energy that I have know in my life that gives humans a chance to be instantly transformed into spirit.”
David Darling

Inspiration in music, inspiration through music, inspiration with music, inspiration from music… It has to do with insights, feelings, ideas, energy and hearing music in our minds. Where does inspiration come from? Why are some people more receptive to creative ideas than others? In Mastery of Music I interviewed the distinguished composer Terry Riley, considered to be one of the founding fathers of New Age music. Riley talked about the source of musical inspiration residing in a universal spirit or consciousness.

If you believe that there’s a field of consciousness, which somehow connects the whole universe, including ourselves in one seamless web, it follows that everything arises from that consciousness—and we call the place where things arise in consciousness within us our own consciousness, or awareness, or intuition. Someone like Mozart has a very fine tuned antenna for this kind of thing, so he can pick up signals from the “consciousness” station much better than others—but we can tune into that station too.

Can we increase our ability to hear and respond to inspiration? Is inspiration available to everyone with the differences being only in each individual’s ability to hear it? How can we best make ourselves available to inspiration?

Excerpt only. Read the complete article in the American Suzuki Journal.