Happy New Year!

You may have seen the video SAA put together this past summer to explain the challenges that we face as we try to gather everyone we can in Minneapolis next May, but in case you have not seen it:

Pledge links:

It’s not too late to plan a special event to support the Latin American Ensemble 2014! Your help is needed!
Some easy ideas are:

  1. Make your Winter Concert a fund raising event for Minneapolis 2014 by asking for donations at the door.

  2. Have children in your studio do a Practice-A-Thon (every X number of minutes practiced per day earns X amount of cents to go towards the fund raiser, and each family can set those times and $ amounts).

  3. Have students of your studio go around their neighborhoods knocking on nice neighbors’ doors and asking people for small donations in exchange for them playing a piece.

  4. Go to a park or Farmers Market close by and play a group concert. Have a box or case open for people to donate coins or dollars.

  5. Call colleagues in your area who may be interested in joining your studio in any of the above.

  6. Don’t forget to add your planned activity to the pledge list at the link above!

The amount you collect does not have to be huge. Each studio may donate whatever they can manage, but when we put it all together we might be surprised about how much we raised! Regardless of the outcome, it would be a very nice excuse to involve our Suzuki students in a project that will help other Suzuki students come to the Conference of our Association!

Please do not hesitate to contact myself (Cecilia Calvelo-Hopkins) or Marilyn O’Boyle with any questions.

Thank you very much!

Cecilia Calvelo-Hopkins
(Violin Suzuki Teacher, Austin, TX)