In 1994 the SAA Board became increasingly aware of the importance of understanding and sharing concepts of Leadership. Believing that Leadership is essential to the growth of the Suzuki method and to the future success of the Association, the SAA held its first Leadership Retreat in 1995 in Estes Park, Colorado. With the success of that event and the growth of the Association, Leadership (and specifically “Creating the Future Together”) has been the theme of the SAA’s biennial Retreats. Past retreats have been held in Colorado, California, and Ontario.

For this year, our 8th such event, the concept of a Virtual Retreat has emerged as a way to bring leadership training to all SAA members with online capabilities—a potentially much larger audience than in past years. The fee is very affordable, the times are flexible, and the place is…wherever you have online access! We will share information from past years as well as new ideas—something for everyone. The VLR may be your opportunity not only to learn about Leadership, but also to give back to the SAA, your Suzuki organization, through sharing your leadership knowledge and skills with newer members and less experienced Suzuki teachers and families!