Repertoire Development News

The ISGC and Warner Bros. Publications is pleased to announce the publication of Books 5, 6 and 7 of the Suzuki Guitar School which is now available at Warner Bros. as well as from most music outlets. Book 6 has undergone editorial improvements and the reprinted edition is currently available. Revised reprints of Books 5 and 7 will follow shortly. Book 8 will be submitted to Warner Brothers for publication on June 1, publication date to be announced later. To order the edition(s) directly from Warner Bros. contact their retail outlet at (800) 327-7643, ext 1637.

Volume 6 of the Suzuki Guitar School is now commercially available. It can be ordered directly from your favorite music store. A date for the availability of a recording for Volume 7 will posted at this location on the Suzuki Guitar Website as soon as that date is determined.

The recordings were made by noted virtuoso George Sakellariou. The members of the ISGC wish to express our deepest appreciation to all those who contributed to this effort. It is hoped that these works meet the highest standards of musical and pedagogical excellence.

Closing the Interim Teacher Trainer Status for Guitar

Suzuki guitar has seen a steady growth over the years, and there has been an ever increasing need for trainers, especially for Books 1 and 2. In February of 2000 the books for the upper levels of the Suzuki Guitar repertoire were not yet available, making the application process for new trainers impossible to put into place. To meet the need for additional trainers, an interim process of offering Teacher Trainer certification in phases for the guitar was implemented by the SAA.

With the establishment of the Suzuki Guitar Repertoire through Book 9, and with the recent certification of several new guitar teacher trainers, the decision has been made to terminate this interim application process for guitar as of 11/04/00. Current interim trainers have a period of 5 years from the time of interim certification to finish their application process to acquire full teacher trainer status.

If there are any individuals who have already prepared materials for the interim application, these same materials can be used for the full teacher trainer application. Any further questions about the Teacher Trainer Application process specific to the guitar can be directed to William Kossler. For more detailed information on the Teacher Training application process, please see the SAA Audition Guide.