On April 10, many students gathered to play together to benefit the Latin American Suzuki Scholarship Fund. Students played repertoire from Suzuki Books 1-6 in reverse order, beginning with the most advanced students, and adding on younger and younger students. The advanced and intermediate students were able to play harmony parts to the early Suzuki pieces, including a finale of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Students and audience members learned a lot about the pillars of the Suzuki philosophy as well as more information about the Latin American Suzuki Scholarship Fund. They learned about the Central and Latin American countries that have current membership in the SAA, and also heard many heart-warming stories of instrument donations to these countries in need.

Audience members contributed to a suggested donation for admission. Nearly $400 was raised in a single concert!

About the Latin American Scholarship Fund:

This fund serves to offer scholarships to students and teachers in Central and South American countries to further develop their study within the Suzuki method. These funds go far beyond benefiting individuals. Many thriving Suzuki communities have been created by enthusiastic festival participants.

Festivals are held in many different Latin American countries where students and teachers come together for intense study. Teacher training courses are offered along with a variety of student classes.

Many of these countries have 50% of the population living in poverty, with half of those living in extreme poverty. Through this scholarship fund, these events are made viable and accessible to all; otherwise they become the privilege of the elite. Dr. Suzuki clearly stated, “All children can learn.”

With your help we have come one step closer to the realization of Dr. Suzuki’s dream: a better, safer, and more peaceful world through music.