Two flutes went to Fernando Formigo’s Suzuki flute program in Patagonia, Argentina. Fernando has 40 students, 10 of whom do not own an instrument. Fernando has studied books 1-3 with David Gerry in Lima, Peru. He has also created a number of wonderful arrangements of Latin American music for his students which he has generously shared with Kelly Williamson, who has in turn shared them with other teachers.

Fernando Formigo and 2 flute students

Fernando with two students at the music school.

Fernando Formigo’s flute ensemble

The ensemble at home in San Martin de los Andes.

Two flutes (donated by Kelly Williamson and Susan Friedlander) have also gone to the Trujillo Orchestra Project, and initiative in Trujillo, Peru which was started by Ronald Serrano. Ronald plays violin in the Trujillo Symphony; he started the youth orchestra project by buying some violins and four cellos with his own money. He has since received some donations from friends to buy more instruments, and his colleagues in the Symphony are volunteering their time to teach the children. In January, they managed to purchase one trumpet, one trombone, and one French horn. Ronald’s goal is to have a complete youth symphony orchestra in Trujillo. He says: “…we are working with talented children of low economic resources. Let us think that by means of music they will become leaders and therefore we will have a better society.”

cello group class in Trujillo

A cello class in Trujillo.

Victor and Leni, trumpet and trombone

Victor and Leni.

Trujillo Orchestra Project

The Trujillo group on their way to the Festival in Lima.

first horn lesson

First horn lesson.

These teachers are very committed to the Suzuki vision, and have made great efforts to travel with a number of students to the Suzuki Festivals in their countries, even though they had to work to raise the money, and travel a considerable distance. Fernando’s students traveled by bus, a distance of 1000 miles. Violin teacher Robin Erickson has written a full account of the studio’s eventful trip to Buenos Aires.

Suzuki flute group class

Group class at a hostel on the way to Buenos Aires.