The Suzuki Association website now has a members-only section providing services for current SAA members. You can search the online membership directory, which includes email addresses and pictures, and upload your own picture. The video rental library index can be searched as well. You can also view your membership records, including registered training and auditions. If you need to update your address or contact information (or your teacher location listing, if you’ve signed up for that service) you can do that online as well.

To gain access to the members-only section, you will need to create a website account. (There is a link to do this from the log in form of the members section.) You will need either the email address you have on file with the SAA or your member number and zip/postal code to sign up. This section of the website is provided as a benefit to current members; if your membership has expired you will need to renew before you are able to log in.