Dear Teachers and Families,

Forty-five years ago, Dr Shinichi Suzuki brought several young Japanese string students to perform in the United States. At that time, I was a young string teacher, lucky enough to attend one of these concerts. I was completely astonished by the skills and musicianship demonstrated by these students and believed them to be child prodigies. All of you know the rest of this story, every child has the ability to make beautiful music. Through Dr. Suzuki’s unique philosophy and method, music education around the world has been revolutionized.

The growth of the Suzuki Association of the Americas, since those early days, is staggering. Following in the pioneering footsteps of those who brought Suzuki teaching to the Americas, the SAA is now over 8,000 members strong. We have reached into the hearts and homes of so many families.

As a new board member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas, I am acutely aware of the impact of Suzuki in our schools and communities. Sadly, what our organization can do to further the goals of Suzuki Education is limited by our available funds. Your contribution will enable our organization to meet these goals: the continued development of teacher training, fostering Suzuki in the schools, assistance to isolated communities, the implementation of new communication technologies, and new courses for teachers and parents.

Each of us on the SAA Board has contributed to the Annual Fund. After considering all the joys and benefits you have derived from Suzuki’s legacy, would you please consider giving generously to help the SAA improve the education of the next generation of children?

So many of us have “followed in the footsteps” of teachers, mentors, and others who have been an inspiration for our lives. Through your gift you can make an imprint on the lives of many current and future children and teachers who will embrace this wonderful approach to music education.

Advertisement: Donate Today. For gifts of $75 or more, receive Celebrating Excellence 2009 CD.

All donations will be gratefully received. As a donor of $75 or more, you will receive a lovely gift—a marvelous new CD featuring performances by former Suzuki students who are now professional musicians. These musicians are graciously giving back to the organization that provided a learning community for them and for their original teachers.

A visit to the SAA website will reveal the many projects undertaken in communities throughout the Americas.

Thank you for investing in the future of our organization.


Marilyn S. Kesler, SAA Board Member