Seven current students, two alumni, and two parents participated in the Voices for Hospices world-wide concert event on October 8th. Kelly Williamson’s studio contributed the Doppler Andante for two flutes and piano, a movement from a concerto for five flutes by Boismortier, “In Dreams” from the Lord of the Rings, and was asked to open the concert with Dawn Carol, played in the dark, with volunteers holding candles beside each flutist.

Arnaud Simard Chabot, aged 6, played in four different concerts this December, including his studio concert, two performances of Leopold Mozart’s Toy Symphony with I Musici, and he was one of two flutists in his school’s band for a school fund-raising concert.

Caroline Csabai played for her class at school again this term. She also did something very special: she cut her beautiful long hair to be able to donate it to make a wig for a child undergoing treatment for cancer.