Connecting two continents through one dream: Dr. Shinichi Suzuki’s vision and philosophy.

Showing the world that we can erase boundaries, when it comes to children and music we all speak one same language: the language of the heart.

This convention was created with a unique approach. It is not a conference, nor an institute; it is neither an encuentro nor a festival. But it is a combination of all the above. The main focus is to have teachers and students from 19 different countries engaged in various activities: panel sessions, keynote addresses, classes, and daily concerts. It is also the first time there will be an example of every Suzuki modality in a single event, including Suzuki Early Childhood Education, group and/or individual lessons of every instrument, and two orchestras integrated with every Suzuki instrument. Our aim for the orchestra is that participants will be able to put all their knowledge into practice and be an example and motivation to others. Each orchestra will include 160 students playing together a selection of music from various composers from our two continents, creating an opportunity to learn about each other’s culture, and being part of a unique musical experience.

Suzuki ECE, Pre-Twinkle, voice, and trumpet will have demonstration classes. Violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, recorder, and guitar will have group lessons for the early books and orchestra participation for the more advanced. Piano and harp will have individual lessons and participation in the orchestra. And one of the most important goals we’ve achieved at this stage is regarding the faculty, as they have been carefully selected to have some of the best teachers and trainers of the region on board, along with world-renowned keynote speakers.

All activities will be open for teachers to observe, and there will be panel sessions where teachers are invited to share on different subjects in order to enrich their practice and studios. We will share, have fun, and broaden views through contact with different cultures, backgrounds, experiences, and approaches, always around the same love and conviction that we can indeed make a better world. All this is inspired by Dr. Suzuki’s wonderful philosophy: there are no borders when it comes to music education.

The Convention of the Americas will be hosted by the Mexican Suzuki Association and all the Latin American Suzuki associations. The Suzuki Association of the Americas is also playing a key role in the organization of this event.  We know this is not an easy task, but many teachers from all these countries have shown their interest and joined in to be part of this event, helping out in many different ways. We have a large team working together, who we thank deeply.

It is our mission to pass on this important message, where children, teachers and families are united by music. All parents in the world want what is best for their children, no matter where they live.

Our message to our children is that our differences enrich us, that a world of peace is possible, and that we need to raise our voices and our instruments through our music to share a fun, joyful, enriching experience of love and growth.

Through our Suzuki communities we hope to tear down barriers and create a single learning community, aspiring to a closer, more integrated world.

Let’s dream big! Come and be part of history! Let’s change the world, together!

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