First SECE Course in Latin America Hosted in Mexico

American Suzuki Journal 45.2

Previously printed in American Suzuki Journal 45.2. Reprinted with permission. Copyright © 2017 Suzuki Association of the Americas, Inc.

Mariana Chavez Leal

Being educated in a musical environment Mariana Chávez Leal began her studies of piano, cello and singing at 4 years of age. She started her Suzuki training in September 2015, when she joined the Leal Isida Art Center (CALI) as the administrator of the Suzuki Music Education School. She is the event manager of SUZUKI International Festival of Music and Festival CALI Suzuki, festivals held in Monterrey, N.L.Mx. She has executed the Spanish translation of the Dorothy Jones Parent and Teacher Handbook, used in the first ECE Stage 1 training course offered for the first time in Mexico and Latin America in June 2016.
Her SECE training began before Mariana started his new stage as a mom with the purpose of contributing to children’s music education in her community.

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Lorena Mayra Leal Isida

Lorena Leal-Ishida has been a Suzuki piano teacher for 10 years and has more than 30 years of experience in music education. Founder and director of the Leal Isida Art Center (CALI) Suzuki Music Education School, also the SUZUKI International Festival of Music (SUZUKI FIM) and Festival CALI Suzuki in the city of Monterrey, N.L. Mx. Since2007 she has been a major promoter of Suzuki education in Monterrey, bringing many children and their families closer to music. Some of its students have obtained the first places in national and international competitions. From 2014 to 2016 she was Regional Delegate of the AMMS (Mexican Association of the Suzuki Method). Committed to her community and early childhood education, she brought the Suzuki ECE training to Mexico and Latin America for the first time in June 2016.  .

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