Excerpt from To Learn With Love

June 1, 1988, Minijournal 1988

Minijournal 1988

Previously printed in Minijournal 1988. Reprinted with permission. Copyright © 1988 Suzuki Association of the Americas, Inc.

First president and co-founder of SAA. First Chairman of the Board, ISA.

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William Starr

William Starr is an internationally recognized Suzuki pedagogue and a founder of the Suzuki Association of the Americas. He has appeared at workshops and conferences throughout the world, as teacher, conductor, soloist, and lecturer. Mr. Starr was a faculty member of the University of Tennessee Department of Music for many years, serving as chair from 1977–1982. During this time, he was first violinist with the University String Quartet and concertmaster of the Knoxville Symphony. has also served as an adjunct professor of music at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is author and co-author of numerous books, including Perceiving Music, a college theory text, and many Suzuki-related texts, including The Suzuki Violinist and, with his wife, Constance, To Learn with Love. From his experience as a university symphony conductor, Mr. Starr has first-hand knowledge of the relationship between the understanding of music theory and the reading skills of many young violinists. Passionate about teaching theory and music reading to children, he has published a series of reading books that incorporate what he calls “usable” theory. Mr. Starr is currently a faculty member of Boulder Suzuki Strings, which he has worked with since its inception in 1982.

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