Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

Thomasitk-Infeld, a VLR sponsor, is offering a prize to the two winners of a special VLR Essay Contest. If you are one of the lucky winners, you’ll be able to choose a full set of any strings Thomastik offers (violin, viola, cello, or bass only). PLUS, the SAA will include the two winning essays and possibly one or more runners-up in the 2009 Minijournal, our institute mini-magazine that reaches over 12,000 readers.

Length: 600-750 words
Eligibility: any SAA member, Suzuki students ages 16 and up and SAA parent members.
Deadline: Send your submission no later than April 28, 2009 to [javascript protected email address]

Note: If you are not a string player and wish to enter the contest, your essay will still be considered for publication!

Topics: Choose one of the topics and describe its impact on your life, your playing, or your teaching.

Topic #1:

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki often conveyed advice or wisdom in the form of “mottoes”, proverbs or short statements with many layers of meaning. One of his well-known statements is: “Tone has a living soul without form.”

Topic #2:

The SAA’s 14th Conference takes place May 27-31, 2010. The theme is TEAMWORK.
The essay topic: The concept of teamwork within your Suzuki experience.