Have you been to a conference before? Wondering how the days are filled? Or what people learn there?

Whether you have been to a conference or not, watch this video about the many reasons people attend, and see the endorsements from people who have gone.


Although I always love seeing and sharing ideas with my flute colleagues at the Suzuki conferences, I always look forward to attending sessions featuring other instruments. One of my favorites was a group session of advanced cellists from South America, taught by Carey Beth Hockett. She led the entire session without saying a word! Everything was communicated by playing and listening. It was a class of remarkable complexity and engagement and beautifully demonstrated how music is truly a universal language. – Wendy Stern

There are many reasons why I eagerly look forward to attending the biennial Suzuki conference, but I can sum them up with three “R’s.” First of all: “rejuvenate.” Attending the conference gives me new ideas on how to better meet the needs of each of my students and gets my creative juices flowing. Second: “reconnect.” Attending the conference gives me a chance to reconnect with the many teachers who have become great friends over the years. And finally: “renew.” Attending the Suzuki conference helps me to renew my commitment to be the best Suzuki teacher I can be. – Linda Rekas

My first conference stands out in my memory—I had only been teaching for a few years, and not having grown up as a Suzuki student, I was fairly new to the Suzuki community. What I discovered was an irresistible buffet of interesting and useful sessions and a chance to reflect on my teaching for a few days away from the bustle of daily life. It was energizing to meet people from across the country who were all passionate about the same things as me. – Ben Van Vliet

The biennial conference may seem overwhelming with the large numbers of attendees, however, it feels like a huge family reunion that keeps welcoming new members with open hearts. So many like-minded individuals all genuinely interested in continuing to grow as teachers to help their own communities is in itself inspirational. It is how, as in Dr. Suzuki’s words, “Music may save the world.” Every time I attend these conferences, I leave newly inspired with all sorts of ideas to enrich and inform my home teaching and to share with future teacher workshop participants. The sessions highlight essential concepts both from an instrumental teaching and art of teaching view point. The masterclasses, key note addresses, and concerts are inspirational. I am looking forward to being energized by the 2018 conference. – Susan Gagnon

You know those conversations you have with colleagues in the parking lot after a student recital? Or the coffee date with a Suzuki teacher friend where you feel like you could talk for hours? Those conversations where you are immediately inspired and glean incredible ideas and insight into the challenges and joys of Suzuki education? I always find myself yearning for more of that valuable time, and the SAA Conference offers a full long weekend of it! From sessions, to performances, to impromptu chats with colleagues who live nearby or across the country, inspiration is everywhere. Come be a part of it! – Sara Bennett Wolfe