David Madsen CLC

David Madsen conducts the guitar ensemble at the 2014 SAA Conference.

Image by Sandra Davis

Guitarists were proud to honor David Madsen with a Creating Learning Community Award at the 2014 SAA Biennial Conference.

David was selected for the award because of his generosity. He has served on the SAA Board of Directors, is a member of the Guitar Committee and the Teacher Development Advisory Committee. He is a teacher trainer who many teachers around the world consider an inspiration and mentor. Additionally, David has contributed to the advancement of the guitar ensemble and guitar orchestra, both of which fit in strongly with the conference theme, “Powered by Community.”

Prior to the award, there was a slide presentation (some of which are shown here) accompanied by guest artist and clinician William Kanengiser playing three short pieces by Francisco Tarrega. An additional treat was the surprise attendance of David’s wife, Wendy, and his daughter and grand-daughter for the award.

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William Starr

David Madsen