Book Review
A Musician’s Return to Music by Glenn Kurtz

December 10, 2008, ASJ 37.1
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American Suzuki Journal 37.1

Previously printed in American Suzuki Journal 37.1. Reprinted with permission. Copyright © 2008 Suzuki Association of the Americas, Inc.

Tammy Linn Dawe

Tammy Linn Dawe earned her Bachelor of Music from the New England Conservatory, Master of Music from the North Carolina School of the Arts, and Doctor of Musical Arts from the University of Texas at Austin. She remains indebted to all the wonderful people who have nurtured her in her musical journey, especially to her Suzuki teachers and mentors, Barbara Barber and Brian Lewis. Dr. Dawe currently resides in Austin, TX where she teaches, freelances, and assists Brian Lewis. She also performs with ROCO in Houston. Dr. Dawe would love to tell you about the music ministry in Cuba with which she is involved!

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