To the Membership,

The Board is very pleased to have received twelve applications for its open positions. Eight are from persons of color affiliated with the North American Suzuki Community, and four from SAA members living and working in Latin America. The full Board has screened the applications and will conduct interviews of top candidates in teams of two. The interviews will be recorded and then viewed and discussed by the full Board. Interviews will take place over the next two weeks, with appointments filled by November 1.

The Board stands by its originally stated goal of appointing three new persons of color.
Recent resignations reduced the size of the Board to seven; eight is the minimum Board size required by SAA ByLaws. There was immediate need for a Board member with experience to bring the group number into compliance. MaryLou Roberts served on the SAA Board from 2010-2013, and has completed the new application process. She was appointed on September 16 to facilitate the work of appointing several additional Board members.

Work is in progress for a membership survey to be conducted within the next few months. Information gathered from all SAA member responses will be used to guide decisions concerning priorities for the SAA moving forward.