SAA Board of Directors Meeting
SAA Headquarters, Boulder, CO
January 12-14, 2007

Members present: Pam Brasch, Lamar Blum, Teri Einfeldt, Christie Felsing, Gail Lange, Beth Goldstein-McKee, Dee Martz, Carrie Reuning-Hummel, Paul Salerni, Diane Schroeder, Beth Titterington and Betty Wahlig. Late arrival: Dave Madsen

The meeting was called to order at 8:55 a.m. on January 12 by Paul Salerni, Chair.

2006 Discussion of the September Minutes was postponed.

The Nominations Committee presented the slate of candidates for the 2007 SAA Board of Directors Ballot and the slate of officers for 2007-2009 to the board for discussion and approval.

Motion No. 1: to approve the slate for the ballot as presented by the Nominations Committee.
M Beth G S Teri Carried

Motion No 2: to approve the slate of Teri for Chair Elect and Christie for Secretary as presented by the Nominations Committee.
M Beth G S Lamar Carried

The Chair charges the Nominations Committee to search for non-teachers as potential Board members.

Motion No 3: to examine time usage in this meeting for possible changes in the timing, length and structure of future meetings.
M Diane S Betty Discussion Carried

Gail reported on the history, purpose, and goals of the Honorary Board and offered specific suggestions for its further development.

The Chair charges the Honorary Board Committee to have a conference call with Jeff Cox to brainstorm ideas regarding the Honorary Board.

The Board turned its attention to Policy 4.0 and discussed the appropriateness of its placement at the beginning of the policies. After considering a variety of options, Paul and Dee agreed to prepare the suggested format for discussion later in the meeting.

Break for lunch and interaction with SAA staff.

Pam, Diane, and Paul reported on their conference call with Joanne Melvin wherein the Board’s use of Carver Policy Governance was discussed.

Pam’s management contingency plan presentation included information about areas of responsibility of paid staff, volunteers and contract labor. Board members gained a better understanding of how the organizational structure has changed to meet the needs of the growing size and increased work of the SAA.

The Board focused on the Monitoring Reports and Pam detailed many of the topics addressed therein.

Affirmation of Receipt and Reading of Monitoring Reports. Unanimous.

A lengthy discussion of Ends statement 1.1.B. focused on the concept the Board wanted to convey and how to effectively include this value in the functioning of the association.

Break for dinner and writing thank you notes.

Reconvene at 9:04 a.m. Saturday.

The Board discussed the Leadership Retreat. Pam shared information about the likely status and focus of Retreat planning and the Board’s role beyond the required Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The main agenda item for the afternoon was Development. Diane led the Board in brainstorming ideas for connecting with potential donors and spoke of plans for a second appeal this year. With her guidance, Board members generated lists of potential development projects.

The Chair charges each Board member to submit to Betty, by March 1, a representative sample “story” envisioned appropriate for a possible newsletter.

Board members resumed discussion of the Leadership Retreat with a focus on the AGM.

The Chair charges the Linkage committee to develop a presentation based on the Board discussion for the AGM and to present it at the April meeting.

The Board then viewed Kathleen Spring’s rough cut of the first in the planned series of Parent Education videos. A discussion of the value and potential uses of an SAA developed and approved Parent Education program followed.

Break for dinner.

Reconvene Sunday at 8:40 a.m.

Motion No. 4: to approve the minutes of the September 2006 Board meeting.
M Lamar S Carrie Carried

Motion No. 5: to change policy 4.0 to read:
The purpose of the board, on behalf of everyone in the Americas who subscribes to Dr. Shinichi Suzuki’s philosophy (the “ownership”), is to insure that the Suzuki Association of the Americas (1) achieves appropriate results for appropriate persons at an appropriate cost, and (2) avoids unacceptable actions and situations.
M Teri S Beth T Discussion Carried

Motion No. 6: to adopt the following:
M Carrie S Dave Carried

Policy 4.1 POLICY TITLE: Philosophical Foundations
The Suzuki Philosophy and the shared values of the SAA will shape all communications, deliberations and activities toward its ends.

  1. The core Suzuki Philosophy includes:
    1. Belief in the potential of every person.
    2. Respect for the individual.
  2. The shared values of the SAA are: Integrity, Community, Excellence, Suzuki Legacy, Education, Music, Nurturing Environment. These values will be present in all communications, deliberations and activities toward its ends.

The Chair charges the secretary to renumber subsequent 4.0 policies to reflect this change.

Identifying specific statements on the DVD made at the April Board meeting led to discussion about potential uses of video footage at the AGM and at the 2008 Conference. Focusing on the nature of our learning community, Pam and Diane will work together to create a rough cut of a video for the AGM to be ready for the April meeting. When the video is completed, the Linkage Committee will develop the plan for the Focus Groups at summer Institutes.

Congratulations were extended to the Nominations Committee for their work and to the Honorary Board committee for the depth of discussion generated by their presentation.

Referencing Christie’s time management summary, the Board discussed time usage at this meeting and the advantages/disadvantages of having shorter and/or less frequent meetings.

More discussions on 1.0 and 1.1 focused on the concept of standards and on Dr. Suzuki’s desire to help people reach their potential.

The next meeting is April 12-15 at Lehigh University.

Committee assignments:

Nominations: Beth G, Diane, Paul, Pam
Development: Diane, Dave, Lamar, Christie, Teri, Pam
Honorary Board: Gail, Carrie, Pam, Beth T
Board Education: Dee, Christie, Beth T. and Pam
Linkage: Carrie, Christie, Gail, Betty, Pam
Audit Committee: Dee, Dave, Pam
Ad Hoc CD committee: Teri, Gwendoline, Dave, Paul

2007-08 Board meeting dates:

September 27-30: location TBD
January 10-13: location TBD
April 10-13: location TBD

Motion No. 7: to adjourn.
M Teri

The meeting is adjourned at 11:30.

Respectfully submitted,
Dee Martz, Secretary