SAA Board of Directors Meeting
Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA
April 12-14, 2007

Members present: Pam Brasch, Lamar Blum, Teri Einfeldt, Christie Felsing, Gail Lange, Dave Madsen, Beth Goldstein-McKee, Dee Martz, Carrie Reuning-Hummel, Paul Salerni, and Betty Wahlig. Late arrival: Diane Schroeder. Absent: Beth Titterington.

The meeting was called to order at 9:25 a.m. by Paul Salerni, Chair.

Motion No. 1: to approve the minutes as amended.
M Lamar S Dave Carried

Gail gave a presentation on the status of the Honorary Board that included a review of the new members, the continuing members and a discussion of effective uses of the Honorary Board.

The Chair charges the Honorary Board Committee to develop a list of interview questions to ask the Honorary Board members and to bring the list back later in this meeting.

The Board complemented Gail and the Honorary Board Committee for the impressive movement forward in this important area.

The Board discussed the subject of intellectual property and the role of the SAA in the dissemination and protection of Dr. Suzuki’s work. The need for a more proactive marketing effort to directly connect the SAA with those working in the field of “Suzuki” was recognized.

Break for lunch.

Affirmation of Receipt and Reading of Monitoring Reports. Unanimous.

During a discussion of the monitoring reports, Pam answered Board members’ questions and expanded on some of the topics. Beth Goldstein-McKee commended Pam on the new format for the financial reports.

The Chair charges Dave Madsen to periodically review online bank statements and cancelled checks as part of the routine fiduciary responsibility of the audit committee.

The Chair charges Pam to re-examine Policy 2.7 and to bring recommendations for clarification to the next Board meeting.

In recognition of the normal cycle for changing auditing firms, the Chair charges the Audit Committee to interview auditors for FY’07 and to make a recommendation to the Board by July 15.

The Board discussed Ends Policy 1.1.B.

Break for dinner at 5:40 p.m.

Reconvened at 9:15 a.m. on Saturday.

The Board detailed plans for the Annual General Meeting and Board members’ Friday evening responsibilities at the Leadership Retreat.

The Chair charges Carrie, Teri, Lamar and Pam to develop an activity for the first night of the Leadership Conference.

Overall plans and Board participation at the Leadership Retreat were discussed.

Reports on the monitoring of the Board’s use of meeting time suggested a need for a more effective time structure at meetings and a framework for communication between meetings.

The status of the video taken during the April 2006 meeting, the possibility of using some of the footage for the Leadership Retreat and for Institute Focus Group meeting, and the status of development within the SAA were discussed.

Break for lunch.

Diane gave the Development Committee report, discussed the Annual Fund and past Board fundraising plans and activities. The Development committee will formulate an approach to major donors. On a related fundraising topic, Paul encouraged the SAA to apply for a grant from the NEA.

Motion No. 2: to go into executive session.
M Betty S Lamar Carried

Motion No 3: to reconvene in open session.
M Teri S Dave Carried

As follow-up to last meeting’s discussion of a possible newsletter, Betty shared samples of submissions from the Board and asked for clarification and re-evaluation of this project with regard to newsletter vs. general interest articles/stories that seem more appropriate for the SAA Journal. Diane reminded us that we need to communicate more frequently with donors and potential donors. The newsletter or e-news was put on hold.

The Honorary Board Committee presented a list of questions to ask Honorary Board members.

The Board focused on refining Ends Policy 1.1.

Motion No. 4: to adopt the following:
M Carrie S Gail Carried

1.1 Excellent, successful Suzuki programs are widely available and accessible.

  1. SAA standards, achievable by various approaches to the application of the Suzuki method, are identified, published and applied by the SAA.
    1. For studio and classroom teachers.
    2. For teacher trainers.
    3. For parents.
  2. Effective, professional Suzuki teaching is readily recognizable.
    1. SAA is the reliable source for information about a Suzuki teacher’s proficiency.
    2. The SAA Certificate program is the recognized indicator of Suzuki teacher proficiency.
  3. Effective teacher development courses meeting SAA standards of excellence are consistent in core content and professionally delivered.
    1. Teacher development courses are offered in appropriate SAA selected and/or approved venues.
    2. Assessment processes are in place to insure that the Teacher Development Program provides consistent and thorough teacher training.

Break for dinner at 5:40 p.m. Because of the predicted severe nor’easter, Carrie and Betty left for home.

Reconvene Sunday at 9:10 a.m.

Long term teacher training programs at Universities were discussed. Low enrollment and limited funding are significant issues for most of the existing programs. Strategies for improving the climate for long term training were considered.

It was agreed that an increased Suzuki presence at state, regional and national meetings for organizations such as NASM, ASTA, and the National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts enhances the visibility of the SAA.

A commitment was made to re-examine the policy role of the Board in fundraising at the September Board meeting.

Committee assignments:

Nominations: Beth G, Diane, Paul, Pam
Development: Diane, Dave, Lamar, Christie, Teri, Pam
Honorary Board: Gail, Carrie, Pam, Beth T
Board Education: Dee, Christie, Beth T. and Pam
Linkage: Carrie, Christie, Gail, Betty, Pam
Audit Committee: Dee, Dave, Pam
Ad Hoc CD committee: Teri, Gwendoline, Dave, Paul

2007-08 Board meeting dates:

September 27-30: Boulder
January 17-20: TBA
April 10-13: Evansville, IN

The Chair charges the Board to determine the January meeting dates in relation to the Encuentro in Peru.

Motion No 5: to adjourn.
M Lamar

The meeting adjourned at 10:35 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Dee Martz, Secretary