The Board is delighted to introduce our new members!

Three individuals were elected from a slate of qualified candidates in July 2021. They were seated on August 1, 2021 and are set to engage in Board training and orientation in the next few weeks.

Tamara Gonzalez, Minnesota, is a Suzuki violin teacher, administrator, conductor, former Suzuki student and current Suzuki parent. Tamara is invested in Dr. Suzuki’s ideal that Every Child Can and describes her vision of honouring and valuing the pioneering work of the Suzuki community while “invest[ing] in the work that will make us education pioneers of the 21st Century; meeting families where they are at, developing inter-cultural competency and removing barriers to access.”
Tamara Gonzalez
Ching-Yi Lin, Kentucky, is a Suzuki violin teacher, nonprofit administrator and professor at Western Kentucky University. Ching-Yi is committed to promoting Suzuki pedagogy in higher education as well as improving access to traditionally underserved populations. She writes that, “one of the most beautiful aspects of the Suzuki world is that there is a place for everyone—not just children who are learning the violin—but also those who want to teach.”
Lin Photo
Edmund Sprunger, Missouri, is a violin Teacher Trainer as well as a psychotherapist. He has a diverse set of skills and experiences, having studied in Japan with Dr. Suzuki, as well as in China in the 1980’s, and having completed a minor in administration and additional management training at the University of Michigan. Ed writes that he hopes to be part of “creating structures that build connections between our membership and structures that encourage conversations.”
Sprunger Headshot 2021