Beyond Pink and Blue
An introduction to gender diversity for Suzuki music teachers

American Suzuki Journal 49.1

Previously printed in American Suzuki Journal 49.1. Reprinted with permission. Copyright © 2020 Suzuki Association of the Americas, Inc.

Katie Perry

Katie Perry has taught piano and voice lessons for over three decades. A graduate of the University of Southern California, she performed professionally as a classical singer, before becoming a music educator. Katie has completed courses at the Holy Names University Suzuki Piano Teacher Training Institute, the San Diego Suzuki Institute, the SAA conference, and the first Suzuki Conference of the Americas in Cancún, Mexico. Katie teaches piano and Suzuki Early Childhood Education from her home studio in Sebastopol, California.

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Barbie Wong

Barbie Wong is a music educator and speaker who helps parents and teachers inspire kids to make music. With music degrees from Stanford University and Smith College, Barbie has worked with thousands of parents and music teachers throughout the world to help them understand motivation, effective practice, and joyful music-making. Through her extensive research into the lives of musicians, Barbie has discovered simple, practical ways for parents to raise kids who love music. Parents who take her classes find that their children become more eager to make music. Teachers remark that Barbie’s techniques are simple yet effective, often recommending Barbie’s classes to parents. When she is not giving workshops or making music, Barbie loves to do parkour, eat chocolate and hang out with her teenage kids. For more information, please visit

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