Susan Reed

Susan Reed

Susan Reed is a contemporary violinist, vocalist, storyteller, recording artist, author and educator from the Boston area. From classical to fiddle, gypsy to jazz, Susan interprets the world through sound. Susan combines her musical artistry with storytelling, crafting original shows that celebrate our humanity. She is equally adept in collaboration, adding her lyrical line to the musical mix of the moment. Common to her performances is her trademark warmth and wit, and her conviction that music has the power to broaden people’s understanding of the world around them.

Ogontz Institute A Suzuki Community

May 1, 2002 by Susan Reed

It is the first night at Ogontz Suzuki Institute. The families have just settled into their outdoor cabins, shared a wonderful home cooked meal together with the faculty, and we have all helped with the dishes. It is now time… Read more ▶


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