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Merry Bing Pruitt co-founded Suzuki Piano Friends, along with Maryfrances Kirsh and Judy Mains Scurci. She has had several articles published in the American Suzuki Journal, and has written a book entitled You Might Be A Pianist If. Mrs. Pruitt was the director of Suzuki teacher training at Capital University for twenty years, and while there she also wore the hats of faculty member, Suzuki mom, and student. She also directed the Project Peru workshops, which were the first North American Suzuki workshops to benefit the Suzuki program in Peru. In addition to giving concerts and serving as an adjudicator, Mrs. Pruitt is the music director at Reformation Lutheran Church. She teaches piano, harpsichord, violin, and viola from her studio in Bexley, Ohio. Her students range in age from toddler to senior citizen, and she enjoys the uniqueness of every single one. She and her husband John are the well-trained servants of a calico cat, Pippi, who specializes in improvised kitty-ditties with lots of paw clusters, and who also won’t quit playing until she hears enthusiastic applause, even at 3am.

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Yes No Maybe So

Yes, No, Maybe So

Student Recitals Some Assembly Required

Student Recitals: Some Assembly Required

Recital Program Ideas

Recital Program Ideas

Book Review The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

December 1, 2011 by Merry Bing Pruitt

We teachers and parents are in charge of much of the motivation of students, so learning the best ways to show appreciation for the efforts of the students and parents we teach is vital. Read more ▶

Warts  All Loving in the Present Tense

Warts & All: Loving in the Present Tense


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