Kate Saphir Alm

Kate Saphir Alm

Kate Saphir Alm, piano. A loving, nurturing , and supportive environment is the foundation of the Suzuki philosophy. Kate benefitted from such an environment both in her childhood musical life and as an adult in her immersion in African American Gospel music. As a teacher, she has enjoyed this ideal Suzuki environment under many years of mentorship and guidance from Caroline Fraser, and is delighted and overjoyed to create a positive and nurturing environment with and for her student families. With a thriving Suzuki studio established in her hometown of Santa Cruz, CA, she is working with her colleagues near and far to create pathways to her music program for the underserved and to BIPOC families in a way that honors our human desire for joy through music as well as our diverse gifts and perspectives. More information at: www.katealmsuzukipianostudio.com

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Cultivating the Strong Arms of the TreeKeeping teens in Suzuki community with studenttostudent mentoring

Cultivating the “Strong Arms of the Tree” Keeping teens in Suzuki community with student-to-student mentoring


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