Ahmad Sarmast

Dr. Ahmad Naser Sarmast is a native of Afghanistan and a son of the late well-known Afghan composer, conductor, and musician Ustad Salim Sarmast. A Research Fellow of the School of Music-Conservatorium and Monash Asia Institute of Monash University; an Honorary Fellow of the National College of Music, London; and an Honorary Member of the Royal Philharmonic Society of the UK, Dr. Sarmast is the founder of ANIM. He received his PhD in music from Monash University, Australia in 2005; his MA in musicology/ethnomuiscology, from theMoscow State Conservatorium in 1993; and his Bachelor Degree in performance and music education from the same school. He has been conducting research on music of Afghanistan since 1993, resulting in the landmark book A Survey of the History of Music in Afghanistan. Dr. Sarmast has received several accolades, including the International Music Council (IMC) Musical Rights Award in recognition of assuring the musical rights of the Afghan children.  In December 2009, Dr. Sarmast received the David Chow Humanitarian Award in recognition of his “brave and selfless” efforts to rebuild and promote music education in Afghanistan.  In 2011, the Ministry of Education of Afghanistan acknowledged Dr. Sarmast’s contribution by awarding him the Education Award of the Government of Afghanistan.

Breaking Barriers Bringing Suzuki to Afghanistan

September 23, 2014 by Libby Felts, Jennifer Moberg Pforte, Ahmad Sarmast

The Afghan National Institute of Music is the country’s only music school. Until just over ten years ago, learning, teaching, and making music was illegal. After the fall of the Taliban, it was imperative that the country revive its cultural… Read more ▶


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