Over 75 flute students, teachers and parents gathered at Brookline Music School in Brookine, MA for the 4th Annual Suzuki Flute Workshop. Events began on January 13th with an Every Child Can class taught by teacher trainer, Kim Lorimier of Needham, MA. There were 15 participants. On January 17th, 6 flute teachers arrived to take the teacher training Book 5 Flute course, also taught by Kim. Most of the training hours took place at the the workshop director’s home, creating a friendly and cozy environment.

On Sunday and Monday, January 20 and 21, Brookline Music School was filled to the brim with happy and excited student flutists and parents, ranging in age from 5 to adult. Participants came from as far away as New Mexico, while others were from Cape Cod, western Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York. Students participated in masterclasses, group classes and ensembles. The student classes were taught by Kim Lorimier, Laurel Ann Maurer from Vermont, and Noelle Perrin from New Jersey. Kelly Watson from NYC taught a jazz class and Norman Thibodeau from Albany, NY taught an extended techniques class—always a big hit with the students. Julianne Johnston of Brookline Music School and Mary Sholkowitz of Cape Cod also taught classes. On Sunday evening, after a full day of fluting, students still had the energy to attend an ice cream sundae and pool party at Holiday Inn in Brookline. The workshop ended with an informal play-in. For more information on next year’s events, contact Director, Amy Poliakoff at [javascript protected email address]

Flute students at the 2008 Brookline workshop
Flute student and teacher
Laurel Ann Maurer and student

Laurel Ann Maurer and student.

Noelle Perrin and student

Noelle Perrin and student.