Thank you to all that participated in the 2019 Minijournal Cover Design Contest! Winners are from studios of the following teachers: Claire Onuf, Jessica Goodwin, Karen Addis, Lauree Christman, Lisa Deakins, Margaret Carpenter and Phyllis Kraunz.

You will receive a free copy of the SAA Minijournal if you attend an institute this summer. Starting in September, remaining copies will be on sale via the SAA online store.

Minijournal Contest 2019—Olivia Smith

Cover Design Winner: Olivia, age 6

Minijournal Contest 2019—Aurelia Rivera-Torres

First Runner Up: Aurelia, age 6

Minijournal Contest 2019—Carolina Rivera-Torres

Second Runner Up: Carolina, age 9

Minijournal Contest 2019—Charlotte Whitley

Honorable Mention: Charlotte, age 10

Minijournal Contest 2019—Kay Richards

Honorable Mention: Kay, age 5

Minijournal Contest 2019—Milla-Wiechert

Honorable Mention: Milla, age 8

Minijournal Contest 2019—Niels Whitley

Honorable Mention: Niels, age 6

Minijournal Contest 2019—Olivia Liu

Honorable Mention: Olivia, age 7

Minijournal Contest 2019—Paulino Rivera-Torres

Staff Favorite: Paulino, age 6

Minijournal Contest 2019—Raegan Kelly Rooth

Honorable Mention: Raegan, age 9

Minijournal Contest 2019—Sanjana Gangaraju

Honorable Mention: Sanjana, age 9