Certificate of Achievement

Congratulations to the 2012 Certificate of Achievement Recipients:

  • Gloria Apellaniz, piano, Colorado
  • Daniel Gee, violin, Texas
  • Jessica Meyer, violin, Connecticut
  • Amy Matherly, violin, Massachusetts

The SAA Certificate of Achievement recognizes teachers with a commitment to life‐long learning and self‐improvement.

Check your training profile to see if you’re eligible!

2012 Certificate of Achievement Recipients

2012 Membership Meeting Minutes

SAA Chairman of the Board of Directors Mark George welcomed everyone and talked about some of the year’s accomplishments.

Ellen Berry read congratulatory birthday messages to the SAA on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the organization from three Honorary Board members: Martin Beaver, Ben Verdery, and Jeanne Baxstresser.

Patricia Purcell spoke about the online auction. Proceeds from this auction go to support the Annual Fund drive.

Sue Baer introduced an activity that all Conference participants will be doing at the 40th Anniversary Birthday Bash. Board members then gave their own examples of this activity, testifying about their experiences and insights, and then declaring what they intend to do as members of the SAA as we go forward into the next forty years. At the Birthday Bash, everyone will be asked to do this, and these pledges will be put on post cards and mailed back to them in about six months.

Board members who have completed their three year term are Marilyn O’Boyle and Ellen Berry. They were thanked with cards, gifts and applause. Two new Board members were welcomed. They are Margo Jewell, a violin teacher from Toronto, Joan Krzywicki, a piano teacher from Pennsylvania.

Mark George announced the attendance at the conference of representatives from the Talent Education Research Institute (TERI), which is organizing the Suzuki World Conference taking place in March, 2013. They are Etsuko Suehiro, Chairperson for the World Convention and Mikio Shin, Editor of the TERI Journal.

Certificates of Achievement were awarded to Jessica Meyer, violinist from Connecticut, Gloria Apellaniz, pianist from Colorado, Amy Matherly, violinist from Massachusetts and Daniel Gee, violinist from Texas. Congratulations to these wonderful teachers!