The 2010 Conference Student DVD is now available online. It includes the SYOA 1 & 2, Flute Performing Ensemble, and Piano Concerto performances.

If you pre-ordered a DVD at the conference, it should be on the way to you. If you didn’t pre-order, order your copy online!

The 2010 Minijournal is now on sale online, featuring:

  • Pedagogical Admonitions by John Kendall
  • Let Us Adopt Methods for Developing the Abilities of Every Child by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki
  • Suggestions for Families Attending an Institute for the First Time by Alice Joy Lewis
  • To 2010 Institute Families from Institute Directors
  • Recital Quiz by Julie Gorka

We also have a new book by Dr. Masaaki Honda, The Vehicle of Music, which relates how he and Dr. Suzuki met and some of the struggles they overcame to introduce the method to the rest of the world.