Gwendoline Thornblade

Dear Friends and Supporters of the SAA,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Suzuki Association of the Americas, I would like to enlist your support for the SAA’s 2007 Annual Fund.

The Suzuki Association of the Americas is widely recognized for thirty-five years of excellence in musical education throughout the western hemisphere. Each aspect of the “Suzuki Triangle”—teachers, parents, and students—prospers from the SAA’s promotion of excellence in teacher training and teacher education, communication with parents, and genuine concern for developing each child’s appreciation of music. The SAA has produced impressive multi-dimensional results. They include, for example, the alumni who perform in our national symphony orchestras and those who work to develop new programs in Latin American towns and villages and rural and inner city programs throughout the Americas. Further, they provide scholarship programs for students and teachers and are dedicated to securing the heritage of Dr. Suzuki for future generations. Vehicles for communication include our SAA website and the Suzuki Journal of the Americas and allow relevant articles and new ideas to reach our membership.

To enhance the training of new and experienced Suzuki teachers and to share Dr. Suzuki’s musical philosophy with students throughout the western hemisphere would be impossible without the support of dedicated and generous individuals like yourselves. We appreciate all you do on behalf of our organization and, working together, we can introduce children to a wonderful new world of music and “happy hearts” as envisioned by Dr. Suzuki.

Thank you in advance for your generous contribution to this important fundraising effort.


Gwendoline ThornbladeGwendoline Thornblade, (SAA Board, 2002–2005)
On behalf of the current SAA Board of Directors

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