: 16th Suzuki Method World Convention

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Fish kites, associated with boys’ day in Japan
Faculty enjoying lunch
Faculty and other teachers ate lunch together in the Kissei Bunka Hall Restaurant
Student from Japan with his father, having a short break during one of Nancy Lokken’s classes
Matsumoto City General Gymnasium, site of opening and closing concerts
Nicholas Kendall joins all the student in concert after leading the Tchaikovsky Violin concerto group!
Cello student waiting to be tuned for the Opening Ceremonies
Participant in one of the large group lesson classes
Entertainment at the International Suzuki Teachers’ Banquet
Guitarists at the Opening Ceremonies
Two little girls from Taiwan waiting to have their instruments tuned at the Opening Ceremonies
Mihoko Hirata tuning students as they get ready for the Final Concert and Closing Ceremonies
Flautists at Opening Cermonies
The famous Matsumoto Castle
Suzuki Embraces the Children of the Americas
16th Suzuki Method World Convention Flag
Shinichi Suzuki Memorial Museum
Teaching in Matsumoto